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  1. @admin Thanks for this update, it is really good and i did not expect it to be released so fast. I have only two concerns : 1) As many said crashes during combats 2) Wasa and Hermione notes : If you want ships easy to get you should chose other ships, not the brand new ones. I fear that this makes the end of crafting and everyone will be sailing in Hermiones and Wasa which would be sad considering all the good ships available.
  2. Jean Baillon

    Portbattle Mechanics

    I like it, it would bring more diversity. But i think that the "normal" port battles should stay too, we could have normal port battles for regional capitals and for the rest the other type of PB. It would also enable new players to have a chance to be in a port battle and thus more players staying in the game (hopefully)
  3. Jean Baillon

    PVP missions

    With the population so low i really would like to see a quick and fair way to have PVP, with different kinds of missions : 1v1, 2v2, 5v5 combats with same BR (meaning that some can bring one ocean and several small ships or 5 same ships) Rookie pvp missions (same but without loss of your ship, smaller rewards of course but would be good for new players) Escort missions : escort trader ships in the middle of enemy waters (high risk = high rewards) Find a trader fleet in your waters or enemy waters (the other side of the previous mission) Raids on enemy ports (5 or 10) the players attack a port, 15 min notice for defenders if there is not enough defenders, complete with NPC ships. If attack successful the raid steal money and impacts the port for a time (10% taxes for 3 days and upkeep x2) Please let me know what you think of this
  4. Jean Baillon

    How to make long trips more fun

    Like a lot of captains out there, i find sailing 1 hour in open sea with nothing in our view except the sea and some beautiful sunsets quite boring. I've thought of a few ways to make those trips more exciting : First when we are in open sea with no towns near us and no enemies visible we should be able to accelerate our speed : x2, x3, x4 BUT in that case if any enemy is nearby (and the range grows with the speed) it launches automatically a battle with the positions like a PVE mission Real storms would be a nice addition with damage to the ship, and forcing us to go in one direction so that we could be lost (and maybe loss of our course ?) Encounters with PVE trade convoys with great riches inside Attacks from NPC (especially while accelerating speed) Damage from hitting shalllows (the longer you stay on those shallows the bigger the damage) Please tell me what you think
  5. Don't worry redii you surely will be able to capture one soon
  6. I like the idea of clan wars but I am also really attached to the nation. In the new system there should be a way for the nation system AND the clan war system to exist or else the nations are useless. First there should be an incentive for companies to possess ports of their own nation (a bit more income) Second the players of the same nation should not be able to attack themselves in Open World ever. If there is a war between two clans it should be settled in PB or other means. PvP in the same nation will ruin the cooperation between players of a same nation and there will be more ganks as the players of a same nation won't defend each other if they are not from the same clan or company. To avoid attrition of some nations we would just need to limit the ports a nation can capture to just a few juicy ports with important resources.