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  1. i got the point you cannot really do everything in favour for everyone! Always there are pro´s and con´s. Nevertheless - i am not sure if there is a reward to take high risk (fight out of reinforcement). On real good step is: trading: the longer the way traveled the higher the reward! very nice. to get more award you must go out of the zone. if the same is happening with PVE, OK, perfect!
  2. High risk means more value to be generated outside these zones?
  3. I am really struggling with the R-Zones. Can´t they be nerfed? One idea might be: A relative outcome to everything you are doing regarding your rank up to 1/10th outcome at the highest rank. (or so) This shall be related to Reals / Doublons / XP / dropping etc. And maybe a bit smaller, but more rewards for sailing the free waters!
  4. Ass seen in these pictures, these Sellers are blocking buy orders to be auto filled up by AI. the product will be seeded on market like there are no buy contracts and people can buy them manually, cause its cheaper than the buy order.
  5. We just were in a battle with danes (they all send their F11 reports as beeing told) around 18:30 -19:30 Server Time in front of Santa Domingo. Following 'glitches', bugs happened: Every ship came back, if the player stayed inside the battle. Every ship in the battle went out of battle fully repaired. So in easy words: except the one who got sunk and left, it seemed the battle didnt happen for the people stayed in battle.
  6. As seen in Eve it also could be interisting to Tax the money out of the mission from the Port triggered, same as killing ships in the region.
  7. Good point. And as i see it, PvP 'zones' will just set after some of the first ports got flipped. there will be a lot RvR (I hope) and fleet PvP action. Fight for 'rare' ressources. Let small clan have ports, why not, i aggree.
  8. No limitations to times No limitations to numbers Dont exclude other time zones from the game due to limitations. Clans / Nations can set timers the portbattle might appear to their prefered time using gold. You will have to take portbattles if you want to keep a port. If there is a Zergnation, well, solve it by taking ports you CAN defend.
  9. Portbattles might become much more interisting if certain numbers of Ships might be limited. Regarding 'Eve Alliance Tournaments' where certain ships got a number (here Battle Rating) were summed up and they were not allowed to have a max battlerating it will introduce Tactics to these battles. Not just having the full amount of max ships. for a 4th rate it might be 25 Ppl but max 15x biggest 4th rates / 10x 5th and / 5x 6th (mortars and security)
  10. Dont restrict to much, cause people will have to search for solutions. In eve there were no real Restrictions in fighting. Except kind of reinforcement for players who started and it grew and grew and grew. Captains need content. Dont be afraid in loosing ports! Just fight for it and try your best.
  11. I bet the idea of that patch is a heavy fluctuation of ports and portbattles for important ports. If 'small' nations want ports, they should choose wisely, and regarding the overall portbattles allready are set it seems there is no 'real' small nation as every nation has 3 PB´s tomorrow.
  12. Why a small Nations WANT 15 Ports, which they cant affort the maintenance costs?
  13. rahzor


    Conspiracial server crash
  14. And another Event in the Same Area. min. 3x Mortimer Town / Secret Island Area min. 4x North of Tumbado just 1x Next to Kingston just 2x between Ponce and Willemstad its a bit frustrating for Captains from nations like Dens French Dutch. GB is at least able to try to intercept. If you want it to be a PvP event My suggestions are: try to set the Random Location between Active Ports (#Online Players in Port) and thus between at least 3 Nations. the last events were just set next to Pirates or Spanish.
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