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  1. I think the British players who helped us and are still helping us deserve more respect Mr. Pellasgos ... I feel your anger but this post wasn't needed... and remember, actions speak louder than words!!! Grtzzzz
  2. Sealled bottle?

    People just want a nice reward when they sail for hours, I do not think it is to much, its good as it is, maybe more variety
  3. Sealled bottle?

    I got only 1 bottle for sailing over 3 hours, I think its about good how it is, maybe some fiddling but overall if you sail that much to find a bottle then it better be really worth it imho...
  4. Dura of ships according to quality

    oh yeah, 1 dura would be awesome but not everyone would be happy about this I guess. Perhaps ships should be cheaper then...
  5. clans exchanging ports without battle!

    I dont see the problem, its just diplomatics; lets move on, nothing to see here!
  6. [EU PvP1] Looking for (former) EVE Players

    Been in EvE for 8 years, mostly wormhole life with "Narwhals ate my duck", was a fun time
  7. Respect for Brussels

    I agree
  8. PvP1 Sweden at war with the Dutch

    From Belgium to and playing for the dutch and totally supporting this!
  9. Game suddenly will not load pvp1 EU??

    All of a sudden today my game froze and after restart i could not joint the game anymore, I can select PVP1, and then it tries to join but then it gets stuck ... I can join the USA servers without problem tho but not the EU servers I've done a connection test, here is the number: NAS-211575
  10. Players Dropping Like Flies Due to Grind

    But in eve you had training skills so you were basically lvling up without the need to be online
  11. Players Dropping Like Flies Due to Grind

    The grind is REAL, doing the same stuff over and over gets old really fast.. That some people already have 3rd rates, good for them but that doesn't take away that the leveling up gets boring after a while because you just get nothing in the end.. I killed a mercury in my snow and got like 170xp, I kill a surprise in my surprise and i only get like 120 xp.. last i killed 1 navy rrig and a mercury and I only got 110 xp.. if you kill bigger ships than you need to get more xp if not people will get bored soon, 1 person faster than than another.. For the same reason I have stopped playing Elite dangerous cuz of the same reason, grind, grind and more grind.. thats not how you stretch the lifespan of a game.. I do not play games to have the feeling i am at my work..
  12. Please post your major annoyances

    That the server I played on for months is now full!!! Hope you guys have a solution coming for this soon..
  13. Patch 9.6 - Minor fixes

    +1 Just get rid of all durabilities imho, much more exciting!! Maybe leave durabilities on on the PVE server A famous game that I've played for years had some good advice, " don't fly/sail what you can't afford to lose.. you play on a pvp server, you should feel it hard!