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just as a reference for people who don´t know


Dano-Norwegian is a wrong reference to the countries Denmark and Norway, as Dano-Norwegian is most comonly referring to a norwegian language, also known as bokmål. so when you use Dano-Norwegian you are referring to a norwegian dialekt. and the reference was votet out with a single vote at a norwegian language bs meeting. And Bokmål was adoptet. Yes the term Dano-Norwegian was votet out 


Correct way when using the modern reference to the Danish kingdom with Norway in the name.






or Dansk/Norsk




Why it is called Denmark-Norway

because the norwegians asked for it, and the danes acceptet the mordern term. thats a fact. there are no historical events making it Denmark-Norway.



The Danish king was sole ruler of both countries and he had his own people rule the Norwegian lands. If you read the history especially on wiki be careful, there wil be talked about a personal union. In my world a personal Union is a coop of somekind, there were no such thing. the king implementet Absolute monarchy (1660-1848 (1814 Noway).


hopefully people will respect that


The King himself


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