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Separating Ship, Gun, And Ammo Desgin

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Has there been any thoughts to separating gun and ammo design from ship design? I'm not sure if it's because of engine or other technical limitations or more historical precedence. But it would be nice to have guns designed around certain ammo, and have ships be able to have multiple shell types, with obviously increased budgets for logistics to support wider varieties of shells and guns in the fleet.

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Also as an additional thought differences in the design part between separate shell and propellants and quick firing guns as far as charge amounts and different penalties for trying to use multiple types.

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If you mean that we should have a set of guns and shells determined separate from the ship designer to choose the armament of our navy, I am all for it. Would make it more realistic, and also easier for us history nerds who like to limit the number of different guns in the fleet anyway. Would be neat if having more than a handfull of guns and shell types in the repertuar would increase maintenance cost of the fleet, as it would have been in IRL.

edit: To be honest,  I was very supriced when I first started playing campaign that this was not the case to begin with, as IRL a fleet using for example both 14.9 inch and 15.1 inch rifles would have been all but pointless historically.

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