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Greetings, this is Andrii Skliarov, your Community Manager for the intriguing new title, "A Twisted Path to Renown," brought to you by the same visionary team behind "This Land Is My Land."

Today, we launch our first dev log, designed to transport you back to the turn of the century; the era where our captivating narrative unfolds.

Picture the United States of America in the year 1899, a land of endless opportunity and boundless uncertainty. A time of change, when the relentless march of technology began to reshape the landscape, and a fledgling nation started to find its feet on the global stage. This was an era when the Wild West was becoming less wild, yet remained teeming with opportunities and perils.


Newcomers, filled with a pioneering spirit, ventured into the unknown, driven by dreams of staking their claim, building homes, and establishing businesses. The frontier they encountered was not for the faint of heart, presenting myriad challenges and dangers. In our game, you will step into their shoes, hiring mercenaries to secure the resources, weapons, and materials needed to thrive. Beginning with the bare necessities, you'll navigate a world where survival might hinge on becoming an outlaw, and problems can be solved with a well-aimed bullet or a swift blade.

Amidst the sprawling landscapes of the post-frontier era, you'll encounter tycoons and their hired guns, all pursuing trophies and wealth. As American enterprise becomes increasingly ruthless, you will learn to master the crafts of manufacturing and trade, the twin pillars of economic prosperity in this unforgiving world.


Our game, "A Twisted Path to Renown," welcomes you to this mesmerizing era, offering a unique blend of original game mechanics and historical authenticity. Embark on a thrilling First-Person Shooter adventure, either solo or teaming up with friends, as you challenge NPC opponents or duel with other players. Test your skills, refine your strategies, and stake your claim in this rugged world. Whether you choose to rally your real-life companions or forge alliances online, the path to renown is yours to define. Bounty awaits those bold enough to seize it.

Join us here and on social media platforms to embark on your Twisted Path To Renown.


Andrii Skliarov, CM aka hangmans_joke


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