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Blocking a strong fleet with a not finished off destroyer, the inability to catch up with it on the battlefield, insane auto-battle.


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1. In a campaign, I have an intact fleet of a couple of fast battleships, a couple of heavy cruisers, a couple of light cruisers, and a couple of destroyers. My fleet is in the Adriatic Sea, between Italy and Balkans, the exit from which is blocked by 1 heavily damaged destroyer and a submarine. My fleet is unable to move out of this sea due to the zone of control of this heavily damaged destroyer and submarine. 8 ships of which 2 battleships are blocked by one destroyer that just miraculously stays afloat, plus a small submarine. Well, what kind of nonsense, why do we need a fleet control zone at all!? Why can't you freely lay a course through an enemy zone of control? Why is it not possible in this case to simply make a battle on the next turn and, if the enemy retreats, let my ships pass?

2. I'm sending my fleet somewhere near the destroyer's zone of control. I press the end of the turn and a battle takes place - 8 of my ships against this 1 destroyer. It's badly damaged, it's 3 knots slower than my destroyers, and... I can't catch up with it! The devil knows what specific ship sees smoke on the horizon. Let's say the smoke is visible to the nearest ship and I need to follow the prompts. And they have sectors of 45 degrees... No matter how I act: with the whole fleet, a couple of my own destroyers, one destroyer, I can’t find anyone, I can’t catch up with anyone. What prevents you from write which particular ship sees smoke? What prevents you from detailing the information and of 8 possible sectors to turn into at least 16 (north-northeast), and preferably 32? Why can't these sectors be highlighted on the compass for illiterate people? Why can't this smoke, if it is visible, be realistically drawn on the horizon, at least when the camera approaches the ship?

3. After reading on cheats using AI, I give my destroyers under the control of artificial intelligence. And they really catch up with the enemy destroyer. The game speed drops from x30 to x10, after which the brains of the AI melt and my destroyers start to sharply turn left, right, slow down, etc. So, it is impossible to find and catch up with anyone.

4. Desperate to get my fleet out of the Adriatic trap set for me by this incredible destroyer, I use auto-battle. And... 1 completely red, barely afloat destroyer takes out 50% of one battleship, 50% of the second, 60% of a heavy cruiser before sinking. One against 8 intact ships! What is this Austrian Rimbaud? Well, what kind of complete nonsense is this?!

5. To top it off, on the other side of the world, the icon of another fleet covered the icon of my fleet, as a result of which I cannot select my fleet and give it an order. Why doesn't the game mechanics provide that fleets can close a friend?

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