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More and more players suffer from the fact that other players are lurked. I myself am affected by it and together with other players I worked out an idea that could raise the fun of the game again.

I make the proposal bounty hunt to insert missions into the game. That the players are sinking the other players to a kind of list. All the more players someone sunk or always the same, moves up on this list. And against these players, a bounty hunting mission is then generated in the ports with the aim of sinking this player. This mission should be available to everyone, no matter in which region they are in. The amount of the bounty should be based on the list, for which the one at the top of the list is most of the bounty. My proposal as a reward would be real, as an additional source of income.

The players who accept and complete such a mission should of course not end up on this list. How high the rewards are not at my discretion, but it should be worth it. These missions should be available for an unlimited long time and reset at the end of a season.

The whole thing should take the one who hunt for other players, take some wind out of the sails. So that these players are a little more back, but can still have fun.

I hope this slope is well received by all players and we will soon be able to look forward to bounty hunt missions.

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