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Nice game with nice Features and so much bugs maybe ?


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I don't know what's wrong with you guys. You bring out one update after the other. Now you've done it, the game is not only unusually difficult, but unplayable. Have you ever played your game and also checked for errors after installing the updates?
It doesn't feel like it.

But I'll start with something different: I actually play the game 181 hours. When I installed the game, I thought so, the trailer promises a lot but was hardly kept. When building a ship, something else is promised. But well doesn't really want to criticize that. That I end up only getting 47 missions instead of 57 missions because of the wrong money or weight and playing against ships that don't seem to have any prerequisites...okay. I've already written what I think of it in a Steam review.

Let's get to the point where it's now unplayable: play the wounded beast mission and you'll see what I mean. The round starts well. Until the BBs drive away... Now the real fun begins. The enemy ships get a speed boost, i.e. they are incredibly fast at first (this only happened once when I played it). When they don't get a speed boost, they happily spin in circles... You think then just shoot them.... JJAAAA lick ass. The spinning tops really fast, you can't hit it. OKAY I could understand everything. I want to look for the ships .... Yaaa kiss ass, they are no longer available. OKAY OKAY I want to restart round..... Kiss ass, the game closes.... How to read error code... No thanks, the error message closes after 1 second. If you want I know another bug. I think so, yes we will build DD. Build everything round runs stable. Tropedos just shoot somewhere completely different than where the enemy ships are. YES SIR.
My concern is rather support:

1. When a stable game?
2. When a reasonable gameplay?
3. When can I expect a relatively quick hotfix?

My apologies if this is taken as an insult. It shouldn't be. I'm very dissatisfied with the situation and I'm very dissatisfied that you can't enjoy the game here. I'll say it again clearly as it is.
The game is broken! You can now finish some important missions. In other words, you can't get ahead with the story mode either.

Of course I can and will make a video of various bugs if you wish.

I would look forward to positive feedback.

Kind regards
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