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Well, as summer vacation ran out so did my Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts time, but I have had the longstanding tradition of drawing ships with pencil only. I believe I’ve done so for at least five to six years by now. The very first drawings were ugly cruise liners/yacht hybrids fitted with huge guns and something like 600% draft imo, but over the years I’ve learnt to refine my designs bit by bit and I’m fairly happy with the results. The descriptions vary in detail, but they at least show the name.

Now that I’m out of practice, I can’t even draw a good below waterline hull and propellers.

These are two of my newest designs, and although one is a guided missile cruiser it’s really just a 1940+ battleship/battlecruiser with some missiles attached… I suppose you could even photoshop the missiles out and apply guns yourself.

Guided Missile Cruiser



Armoured Cruiser



(P.S I’m aware that my handwriting is the work of demons or something)

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