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This is a bit of an all-in-one post, I hope that's okay. 

Well, I just had one hell of a campaign as France, 1900. I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves. 


I could've kept the game going until 1950, but by the time the game finally ended - it took me about 6 years of building insane numbers of ships (3rd pickx3) before I could finally bankrupt myself enough to end the game. I obviously had won, even though the end result was a loss. I'd fought every nation and one, three times over, I was done. I was also terrified an update would come along and wipe my progress.


Now for some thoughts and feedback from my playthrough.


Economies need to be tweaked - I shouldn't have a fleet of 274 ships (plus a 100 more mothballed), and managed to keep playing. Nothing major, it's better than the days when 100 ships would bankrupt you. Maybe -10%.

Convoy raiding needs a tweak again - it's back to being almost irrelevant. Maybe +10%

Better victory conditions, and an easier way to sue for peace/ask for the enemy to surrender. Random events, just suck. Or at least events stating the enemy want to surrender, you accept, the war continues for another 30 turns.....

Torpedoes need a dud chance tweak. I almost completely stopped using torpedos during the game. Either missed outright even though I'm right in front of the enemy ship, or they were duds when they did hit. 

Crew training - bring back the maxing out the crew training gives experienced crews - having every ship with a just trained crew was painful. 

Tech tree?

Also, with technology unlocks, say I unlock 20,000 tonne CA, but no corresponding hull will come from that, so by the end of 1946 I was still only able to make 13,500 Modernised CA 😕 (Made a "CA" at 32500 from a BC hull using only 9" and 8" guns 🤣

I'm sure all of this has been discussed before, I just thought it would be easier to add weight to the discussion all at once rather than piecemeal. 20220721145256_1.thumb.jpg.9eaf28682b295cc52e42b656dd00441d.jpg20220716194551_1.thumb.jpg.5e2c95b3debd54e2030c68f3927ba462.jpg







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