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Ideas : *Getting back surrendered ships* and *Selling old boats*.

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Playing the campaign, I got a few ideas :

- It would be nice, if you win a battle (when the enemy goes in full retreat mode), to be able to get back the ships that surrendered during said battle. And their crews. It couls also be nice to have a "surrender" button that you could press when a ship is obviously doomed, to maybe have a chance to save it if you finally win the battle.

- When scraping old boats, it could be interesting to sell them to allied or neutral countries. It would make a bit of cash, maybe improve relations, and you couls see these designs again when a combined mission pops up. It couls also be a way to instantly get more ships (alas ancient ones) if AI countries also sell their surplus.


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I like both ideas. Permanently losing one of your ships that surrendered, even though you ultimately won the battle, is a bit head scratching. So it would be nice if those ships were instead towed back to port for repairs, instead of losing them. That would also open up a new mission type, where you could ambush an enemy fleet (or they could ambush you) while you are towing a disabled ship that can't fight back. 

The second idea would be great for incorporating smaller nations that aren't directly controllable by the player. For example, if you are the United Kingdom, you could sell ships to the Netherlands or Belgium, or some other allied nation. Germany or Austro-Hungary could sell ships to the Ottomans/Turkey. In real life nations with a well developed naval industry would sell old ships, or build new ships, for other nations without that capacity, so that would be a cool mechanic for supporting your allies. Diplomacy could also take on a new facet as you would not only have to worry about your actions antagonizing a potential enemy, but also wether or not the other nations will switch allegiances from you to them. Or if you unlock a certain tech, another nation will request that you build a ship with that for them (such as Brazil commissioning the battleship that became the HMS Agincourt from the U.K.) And you could seize a ship you are building for a 3rd party if war breaks out (also HMS Agincourt) at the risk of entering the war yourself. But a being given a list of requirements by an AI nation (they want an 'x' displacement ship with x10 14" guns, etc., and it has a strict cost limit) and then designing a ship to those specs would be interesting. 

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