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General thoughts about 1.06 beta

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I'm not focusing on bugs here except the most annoying one. You can't make peace when more then 2 nation fight each ather cause the alliance always calls the other one back in. (at least i guess whats causing this) Generally i really like where it's going with the campaign and i really am looking forward for the future. just in my oppinion it still has some major flaws but thats what a beta is for. So i wanna give a few suggestion here.


1. Diplomacy: 

Otherwise then random events we can't have much influence on it. If you have positive relationships with a nation you can even park 100 ships right infront of their ports and nothing happens. This means you have no real choice whom you fight, cause the events don't come in a way that lets you really influence whom to fight and when. There should be a way (maybe by spending navel buget) to have a turnbased influence on it. Aswell let me please decide if i wanna ally someone or not even if relations reach 100, or call them into a war.


2. Wars:

Treat wars with different nations as different wars. currently as mentioned before if the war is between more then 2 nations peace is not possible to reach cause they get drawn back in. make a peacedeal cancel the alliance and reset the opinion to 0. Victory by unrest should be a major victory letting you make demands and not removing that nation from the map (by the way still causing you events with that non existing nation). Give us an option to demand peace with minor victory after a certain amount of time (maybe 1 or 2 years) if either fleet value/tonnage or vitory points are in favor of maybe 60% and the ai if it's in their favor as minor victory. if those conditions are in maybe 80% favor of one side count it as major vitory. As it currently stands i got a few insanely large battles right in the first months and when i destroyed their fleet i get encounters with 20+ ships and after just finding single small battles with torpedo boats light cruisers and so on cause they have no active fleet anymore.


3. Economy:

We need to allocate money to either recruitment or training and not 1 slider for both of it together or you end up with 50k sailors costing you more then your entire trade fleet or a crew that is worse then you'd sail the ship without crew. Next economy needs to scale properly with the time passing or later tech ships are not payable if the economy doesn't really grow as it should. Give us the option to invest in port capacity like we do in dockyard size. When i start in 1890 when i reach 1920 i could but 2-3 BB's in even the largest german port ... thats it. Make it have a real consequence for the ai if the commander of a navy gets removed if they overspend like reduce their ship amount and reduce their spending in a way they can recover and not just every 6 month getting a new admiral and spending money like nothing happend.


4. Worldmap/Fleet/Taskforces:

The introduction of task forces was a really great thing before and i have the feeling they work even better now. But i have to reorganize them after every larger encounter searching them in all of my ports (even the searching feels less and i don't constanly find my ships in Danzig). Treat task forces more as one unit so you can set them up and chose them directly on the worldmap. maybe have an option to split up ships to repair them and they return automaticly or let them stick together when returning to repair and after go back on the position you assigned them to. i even would suggest that they could get intercepted on their way home and not like now magically teleport back to port. if thats somehow not possible at least give us an option to assign a home port to a ship where it will return to so we know where to find them again.


5. Ship design:

It feels alot harder to balance small ships with the new system leading to some odd designs or making me abandon some hulls entirely.

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