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Rotation of Objects not Mirrored, and minor fitment issues.

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In the designer, mirror mode does not mirror the rotation of objects, which is inconvenient when placing things like secondaries or side-mounted torpedoes.

Now, list of minor fitment issues noted today:

Everything below applies to France unless otherwise labelled...

Foremost mounts on the Light Secondary Tower VI have arcs too limited forward

Foremost mounts on the Angled Funnel Complex III to VI are by default placed with no viable arcs. When placed correctly, they have too much forward arc (firing through tower).

Super Battleship I Hull (France), the seconary mounts immediately rear of the built-in barbette have *very* limited forward arcs for no visible reason. The next set of mounts behind these are also too limited in forward arc, even when nothing is placed in front of them.

Lowest mounts on the Light Modern Towers are a little too limited in forward arc (barely worth mentioning).

Second-level "Square-shaped" secondary mounts on towers have their rotation canted out instead of being at 90 degrees to the ship like the ones below them. No apparent reason for this.

All mounts on Modern Tower II are too limited in forward arc. Those which are in the same positions on Modern Towers III and IV share this.

Most of the upper-tower mounts on the Light Modern Towers will have clipping issues even with the smallest available guns (at least in the French style).

(German Battleships) Uber Funnels II and III mount a bit too far back into Advanced Tower with Funnel and clip into it.

Advanced Tower with Funnel and Modern Tower I and II (German Battleships) have limited arcs on top-most secondary mounts.

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