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Can we please get a proper Hamburg flag?

Herz aus Stahl


Can we please get a proper Hamburg flag in the game? I know that in Flags of the World there is a reconstructed depiction based on a description of a french book of 1751, but I'm quite sure that guy never saw a flag of Hamburg. In 1751 the flag design was codified to a red ensign with the three towered Castle, just the state of the gate wasn't defined. Anyways, the Hamburg flag in the Game should resemble something like this:



even 1681 there was the castle on the flag without any doubt as you can see on the stern of the ship in the lower left corner of this painting:



or do it more like this:



So please remove this abomination of a hamburg flag that is an eye sore for every Hamburger and replace it with a proper Hamburg flag with the three-towered Castle!

Thank you!



Edited by Herz aus Stahl
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