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Returning player looking for English speaking clan (Any Nation)

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My name is Martin and I am 32 from the UK. I have decided to return to Naval Action after not playing in 3/4 Years and decided I am now going to take it serious and invest some time so figured I would look for a clan. I am up for a little bit of everything PVP,Trade and PVE. I am also quite happy to change nation as I am just looking for the right set of guys and girls to play with.

I understand being a "new" player does not put me at the top of anyone's recruitment list however I am not looking to sponge or get boosted and am more than happy to put my time in! All I want is some people to chit chat with and maybe throw questions at while playing, with the eventual aim of this becoming my main daily play.

Thanks for your time and may the winds be with you.


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