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Smoke cover bug


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Bug: CA is attached to CL, I told the CL to smoke... the CA also decided to smoke as well none of the other CA could smoke and they all are my build. Lol, helped me out a ton. As it was struggling to live on and was been pounded at by everything post torpedo hit.

  1. In which mission it happened? Predreadnaught
  2. How much time passed since start of mission? about half way through
  3. How many other missions were played before crashing? No crash just game mechanic error
  4. How many ships were engaged for you and enemy (Many/Few/A specific nbr. if you remember)? AI- 3 bb, 1 CL, Me- 5 CA, 1Cl
  5. What was the distance between engaging ships (close/medium/long range)? close, sub 2 inch guns. total battle space was maybe 10 km diameter
  6. Which speed boost you used? One to Three, noticed it first on one
  7. Were there a lot of gun shootings, or few (e.g all main guns firing plus secondaries)? Yes, every gun is practically firing except torpedoes
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