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'Prescient' ammo selection?


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With the excellent addition of the ability to hit ships other than your target, it's produced an interesting and no doubt unintended side-effect.

My understanding of how the rendering of gunnery works, what we see on screen is a consequence of calculations already completed. I'm certain that's the root cause of the following issue.

If you have your ammo selection set to 'auto', your guns will fire whatever ammo best suits (according to the AI) the target.

That means if you have a BB set as your target BUT the calculation has determined one of those shells will in fact hit a TR or DD, that SINGLE shell is fired as HE.

Of course it also works in reverse, so shells meant for a TR that instead 'accidentally' hit a BB will come from the gun as AP, not HE.

While it's nice our gunners have that level of prescience, it's probably not exactly fair.


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