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Combat Termination


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Has this happened to anyone else?

Clan mate and I are attacking an Elite L'Ocean with a pair of 1st Rates.  Things proceed and we're getting ready to board, very excited that we're about to take this down.  Clan mates puts a grapeshot broadside into him and I am ready ready to do the same.  Then... POOF we get an admin message that combat is terminated and we're going to be thrown out to a login screen.  Except we're not.  We get thrown out into the Open World, with full health, a few reals and some XP.  It's like it never happened and the elite L'Ocean has (of course) vanished.  We talked about submitting an F11 ticket, but there's no proof because there's not even a log entry that the battle took place.

Does this happen often?  Totally, unbelievably frustrating!!!!

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