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Comparison of RTW II and UA:D


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So I have both of these games and I wanted to draw parity between them. The reason for this is that I would like to see some things that RTW II has in UA:D (given that they are both dynamic, the general technology is the same up until around 1925-35).

Keep in mind I’m not advocating the copying of another game, simply I’m suggesting things from another game that are good, well established, characteristics to be used in the context of a similar game.

To me this mostly concerns shipbuilding. Currently the shipbuilder has the general characteristics of RTW II but some things could be improved. 

One thing I’d like to see improved is the selection of armour thickness. RTW II has a simple yet effective drop down menu (or you can type the thickness) which makes it much quicker than in UA:D. 

Another thing I could see being implemented from RTW II is the weight reduction with the use of less turrets but in twin/triple mounts. Ex: I have 16 6in secondaries in single mounts which would be heavier compared to 16 6in mounts in twin turrets. The same logic applies to the main guns. (All guns just seem overly heavy in UA:D). 

Something to do with the battles that RTW does is a selector to turn off gun range rings. Yes you can turn off the HUD in UA:D but I would like to be able to turn off gun ranges and such. 

Faster time warp? (10x maybe?) 

Improved structural damage. RTW II uses a simple bar system, once the bar is full a ship will sink. UA:D does this better with actual compartmentalization but putting 15+ 18in rounds into the bow of a battleship regardless of armor just seems like to much especially when the structure damage is at like 1% and it doesn’t change despite penetrating hits. I find that the entire ship needs to be hit along its length for it to be sunk which kinda negates the use of a damage point system. I don’t think this should be downgraded to that of a bar system but I think that ships shouldn’t be able to take that kind of punishment and not have the structural damage change. 

Note: Some conclusions may be wrong as these are based off my initial impressions of UA:D. Feel free to point out any features I missed or got wrong. 

Carriers pretty please? :D

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