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Corrupted game save files


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My Windows 10 user account had some issues so I created a new local admin account and did backup my saved games directory for UGCW.

However, when I copied the files into into the new location in

%userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Game Labs\Ultimate General Civil War\Save\CampaignBattle

the saves do show up in game but when I try to load one I get a message that says "Can't be loaded. Delete? Ok/Cancel"

Digging around I found some logs that say this:


[2019-Mar-05 10:40:10.238041] WARNING C:/Users/****/AppData/LocalLow/Game Labs/Ultimate General Civil War\Save\CampaignBattle\m1v2u5t7.hat: Wrong file header
[2019-Mar-05 10:40:11.857533] INFO Loading game from file C:/Users/****/AppData/LocalLow/Game Labs/Ultimate General Civil War\Save\CampaignBattle\autosaveeb
[2019-Mar-05 10:40:11.860532] WARNING C:/Users/****/AppData/LocalLow/Game Labs/Ultimate General Civil War\Save\CampaignBattle\autosaveeb: Not supported CampaignController+Data version 0

I will attach the full log. 

My question is this: any chance of salvaging these saves? I was doing pretty well and hate to lose them!

Thanks in advance!


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