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How the XV Corps got it's Corps Badge.


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Following the disaster at Fredricksburg, General Joseph Hooker decided that for both Organizational and Morale Purposes Units should have Badges, So the Army of the Potomac began wearing different distinctive badges on their caps, of different shapes and Colors that would designate the Corps, tech news free netflix android 9
Division and Brigade a Soldier Belonged to. In the late Summer, Early Fall of 1863 the 11th and 12th Corps were in East Tennessee and the story went that an Irishman questioned them about the badges on their Caps. They replied proudly that it was their Corps Badge and asked him what HIS Corps Badge was. The Irishman Slapped his Cartridge Box and replied "forty rounds in the cartridge-box, and twenty in the pocket!"
The Word of this got up the Chain and when the 15th Corps Adopted badges theirs was of a Cartridge box with " 40 rounds" written on it.

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