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Have been playing a couple of months as Union. Generally I am not disappointed. I do have a couple problems, though. All CSA forces move 3 to 4 times faster than Union, while the Union troops barely crawl. This is not strictly speaking very accurate. While some units were known to move fast, Jackson's brigade, division, and later corps, CSA troops didn't move any faster than Union troops. Forrest was on horseback as was Stuart. Other than that CSA troops traveled no faster than Union troops. If there was any difference in the troops it was in the leadership. Also, as a general rule, CSA forces were defending which gave them a definite advantage. Generally the Confederate troops only seem more aggressive. That's because they were counterattacking troops that were on the offensive and were generally exhausted from attacking and were often retreating. Lee did not counterattack a lot of times. Meade chose the same course of action at Gettysburg.

Also, it seems as if it takes half of the time getting my troops into position to attack because the troops move so SLOW!!!! There is no way to change the speed except to make the time move faster. Unfortunately when I do that the CSA troops FLY!!!

Another thing. Battle of Salem Church after Chancellorsville. I have been going through the campaign and have fought it well over a dozen times. I have obtained the objective and successfully defended it several times with the result of being DEFEATED! How does this happen?

One last thing. In the war skirmishers were used to detect the enemy main lines, report the results then join the parent unit for the attack. In the game the CSA skirmishers are used as aggressive attack units. Many times I have to attack them with multiple brigades to get them to withdraw or break them up, often with multiple (up to 10 or more) volleys. On the other hand, if my unit is hit with only a couple volleys the Union brigades are routed. Again, how does this happen?

The disparity in the speed is my biggest problem. Generally I am pleased with the game.


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