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Change the AI Ships system shooting at Forts

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It is already common for anyone who has encountered a battle against AI near the coast that most or if not all are stuck in the sand because they will shoot at any fort within a 2km radius, they simply forget the player and go straight to the forts, there are anyone who takes advantage of that and kills an entire fleet without major problems, I think there is no use for AI to shoot at strong since the strong ones also do not fire at them.

What's so good about killing stranded boats?

Hopefully they have this opinion as a better operation of the game. Picture a player attacking a fleet of 25 large ships next to one or more forts and kills one by one because everything was stranded in the sand.

Thank you


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Considering that forts are disabled against NPCs this can be help a lot to prevent AI getting beached themselves. A major step forward.

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