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Ship Knowledge path leveling guide up to Cerberus in mega patch 10.0

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the devs in all their grace and maybe in sadistic behaviour, runied the PvE Missions in the mega patch 10.0. PvE Missions are now bound to the ship of the line rank (SoL). So here some quick tips for Basic Cutter, Pickle, Brig, Snow and Cerberus ship knowledge slot leveling. I dont describe how to sail, shoot and avoid getting boarded by PvE-ships, there are for sure guides available.

As in the thread Ship Upgrade Knowledge Routesknowledge described is the ship knowledge path. Following ship slots has to be played free:

  • Basic Cutter Slot 3
  • Pickle Slot3
  • Brig Slot 4
  • Snow Slot 3
  • Cerberus Slot 4

First you can play single player missions up to player rank 4 (something like 1. Lt.). We start to play kadet missions with basic cutter up to necessary slot, than we reedem or buy the Pickle. With your first perk activate fleet control 1 and buy another Pickle play missions of rank 2 if this is to difficult for you play rank 1 mission.  After slot 3 is played free in Pickle and buy a Brig. Now active your second perk carronade master and buy carronade for the Brig. They are awesome these 12pd carronades, they load faster than medium guns and inflict more damage on the enemy on close quarter.

With the Brig and Pickle in fleet take rank 3&4 missions, find out in which are only one ship. I found out on rank 4 missions I had 90% only one Brig and the other 10% only  two Pickle against me, when I sailed the Snow. Play missions up to Brig slot 4. Now sell your Pickle(s) and buy a Snow, with Snow and Brig together this goes into speed leveling to Snow ship knowledge slot level 3. Than buy a Cerberus, I searched for a Sabicu log Cerb. Dont buy Fir or Bermuda Cerbs they are faster but so much weaker, maybe get one Cerb craftet

So and now the devs betrays the players! You cannot play any single player missions with the Cerberus because you are SoL rank 5, you can play only rank 6 and higher fleet missions what results in a minimum of 3 bigger ships against you! If you think you can do PvP, in the actual state with the mass of reedamable Bermuda Suprises you get really fast from hunter to hunted with an result of losing your ship, so PvP only in big groups.

but we as players can "betray" back, use the mechanic against them and thats how it goes:

Search for two other Cerb players. Two could be grouped if they wanted and one plays alone.  The (alone) player takes the fleet missions and enters the battle the group joins after the battle is open. You should have an equal amount of ships against you but in a minimum of 1 higher tier, e.g. Suprises, Renomee or unluckily maybe a Cherubim (Frigate), sometimes you get two Navy Brigs instead of a third frig against you. Nevermind, if you put 32 pd carronades on your Cerbs that should be a quick task if you concentrate fire. Alternativly you can hunt Le Gros Ventre alone, but I found it boring in comparison to fleet battles.

I learned it on the hard way, had only used medium cannons on the Brig, but in the help chat I got a hint on putting carronades into the Brig. Especially on the Snow (chaser and back are always long cannons) it was absolutly quick leveling.



P.S: If you hate Carronades on bigger ships, before the Cerb you should have enough PvE marks to buy a Perk reset permit and you can reskill your perks.

P.S.S: With bigger ships you can do the same as described with the Cerberus.


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