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Gettysburg - win condition not triggering?


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Just played Gettysburg campaign as CSA (normal).


- I took cemetery on day 1. It might have been contested when the timer ran out, I'm not too sure. But on the win conditions screen it was tagged green. Still, the game proceeded to day 2, where my elite troops got creamed at Round tops. For the whole duration of day 2, the condition "Hold Cemetery Hill" was tagged green.

- Also on day 2, I managed to take Culps Hill. It was definitely NOT contested, I held it for about a full game hour. Proceed to day 3 - attack Culp's Hill again. What?

- Alt+F4 >:(


Did I miss something? It does state: "At least one of these conditions must be true". And yes, I had all the others below that tagged as well.

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