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Game is not actually full screen, how I fixed it

Jubal Early

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Hi, I posted once before in the thread titled Freesync, however after fixing my problem I realized the problem is actually with Unity engine and full screen implementation. 

When I installed AMD drivers 16.12.1 and newer (the relive drivers) I had terrible screen flicker (backlight pulsing) happen when freesync was enabled, in menus and in battle frequently. Disabling freesync fixes this however it gets annoying enabling and re-enabling every time I want to play.

The game's engine, Unity, has had problems with actually supporting full screen on many other games and instead does a borderless windowed mode when full screen selected. Although borderless fullscreen is supposed to work with freesync, the fact is it's hit and miss. 

How I solved the problem:

1) Create a shortcut of Ultimate General Civil War.exe in the steamapp folder and place on desktop (or wherever you want)

2) Right click the shortcut and select properties

3) In the "shortcut" tab, locate the line the says Target:

4) Add this to the end of the line  -window-mode exclusive after the parenthesis. Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ultimate General Civil War\Ultimate General Civil War.exe" -window-mode exclusive

5) Always launch the game from the shortcut and not steam

I hope this helps someone who was in a similar situation as me. 

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