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Units not responding to commands and other nonsense


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So i don't know if anyone else has run into these bugs? I have lost so many unnecessary units and almost some battles because units refuse to respond to commands and other strange things. I have had units that just sit there with fully loaded rifles. In range. With high morale. And just refuse to fire. They will just stand there. Letting volley after volley tear into them until they break and run. Sometime 6 and 7 volleys with no return fire. All of this is whether i manually click on them to attack or let them auto attack. This is game breaking as you can't have units that refuse to fire at anything. It happens enough that i have to deal with about 1/4 of the units not firing or firing haphazardly in every battle. Having units armed with 600 range rifles constantly having to run into 200 yards away to fire then running back out to reload makes me want to uninstall this game forever. Calvary is nearly useless. I say nearly because they are the only unit than can capture supplies. I had a full unit of 750 Calvary charge into the rear of routed infantry and within 1 minute the Calvary was below 50% strength and routing because they had been routed by the fleeing infantry...The most effective strategy is outfit huge armies full of troops with farmers rifles and just zerg everything. Calvary, artillery and skirmishers are completely irrelevant. Guns are irrelevant. Experience is irrelevant. I really want to love this game but they have not even got the battle system right and they are focused on getting out new battles. Please fix the damn game first.

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