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How to play as CSA in Multiplayer with new patch for both "The Armies Approach Gettysburg" and "Chance to change hystory"


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Hi, i am new player from France. The game is amazing, but difficult with new patch for CSA in multiplayer vs veterans. But I'm sure not impossible. Does anyone say (good player like Yuejin or Darth...) what is a good start strategy for CSA for both Maps "The Armies approach Gettysburg" and "A chance to change hystory". I have tried with former Guide (Yuejin for instance) but i think it's not relevant anymore with the new patch. Thx


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I unfortunately can't give you any pieces of advice right now re: the new patch strategies, as I find myself struggling a lot with it, too.


Still, in order to gather more reads and thus more replies, I can advise you to switch from an almost white colour to black. Your current font colour makes what you typed almost undistinguishable from the background (ok, one can highlight it with the mouse by dragging the pointer over it, but it's still rather annoying. I purposedly coloured the central part of my sentence with the same hue to let you judge by yourself).

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