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A Naval Action guide to sailing and combat (Working thread)

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Here comes the update!

As stated in the earlier post the focus has been on simply actualizing the guide to the current state of the game. Not everything has been updated, and the most notable example is the port battle chapter which's contents have been entirely scrapped for now. I am sure that there are bits that I have forgot to update, at least entirely, but I felt it was better to get it out in its current state than to polish it for eternity.

Some small layout improvements have been done for readability and also to make the guide more suitable to printing (even though I doubt anyone will print the guide in its half-finished state), but I especially need to get to work on more pictures. I guess it's time to dig out my Wacom tablet from the boxes in the loft.

As always feedback is welcome!


A Naval Action guide to sailing and combat 2017-06-09.pdf


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