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  1. *sigh* so I went back and while on the second day I had all VP's in my sweaty little hands, I started pulling back form Jay's Mill and Brotherton Road, a minor feat in itself, pulling back through the wood while your troops are pretty tired and your artillery takes forever to get through, and you need to keep a nice battle line maintained to keep the enemy at bay, while the line is in motion. The Lafayette Road defenses are pretty nice, but don't offer the great fields of fire the area around Brotherton Road and Jay's Mill do, and then the infamous "Day 3" starts, and the devs have F-ed w
  2. I'm a slow old man for RTS games. I'm always trying to keep up with getting my cavalry to chase down enemy cavalry to keep them off my VP's way behind the lines, and maneuvering skirmishers around flanks, and moving supplies to different parts of the battle line, and trying to get my couple of melee brigades into the right place for that one attack-breaking, enemy-slaughtering charge. A 3-1 kill ration on this battle is simply awesome for me. On a lot of other battles, especially where I'm defending, if can break the attack early enough, I spend the rest of the battle mopping up the battl
  3. Hmmm..... I may have to go back to this battle and pull back from Jay's Mill and Brotherton Road to have a third day for slaughtering Rebs After winning on the second day and having taken about 13,500 to their 40,000, it sound like a proposition
  4. The Battle of Chickamauga went from 18 to 20 Oct. 1863. The first day were the small battles for the bridges, the same as the first day in the game. The second day is also like in the game. But in the game there seems to be no way to get to day 3, at least as the Union player. At the end of the second day: If you hold all the VP's on the LaFayette Road plus both the Brotherton Road and Jay's Mill, you win and the battle is over. If you hold all the VP's on the LaFayette Road plus EITHER the Brotherton Road OR Jay's Mill, you get a draw and the battle is over. If at the end
  5. It sounds like your brigade is not IN the fortification, but only AT it. It enter the fortification left-click your brigade and then right-click the white shield above the fortification. Your brigade will then enter the fortification and remain until broken, or you move it to elsewhere.
  6. You can always select each battery individually and then click the history button to show how many kills they scored and how many deaths they suffered, individually. I find it unfortunate that the battle end display isn't always displayable. That would be a really nice feature.
  7. I'm actually okay with VP's being used to give the player an insensitive to hold certain areas for a given amount of time, but using those correctly can be very tricky. From the defender's perspective, if for example all the flank VP's have to be take for the battle to progress, the defender could simply pile all his forces around a single VP of his choosing. This would be unhistorical, because no VP actually had any more importance than any other. The defender should be simply trying to resist the attacker's advance. If the attacker leaves defenders in his hinterland--on his lines
  8. Not really. Even if there were a an actual supply line, and that were blocked for the time being, that should only mean that my units would not be getting more supplies while the line is blocked. I would still have time to open the supply line again and/or fight on with limited supplies. Otherwise it says, no supplies coming in, you lose. Then if my supply unit runs out, same thing, and that is by far not the case. Either or. I've been thinking about what would work better with Shiloh. The big picture is, at the end of the first day, the Union must hold Pittsburgh Landing so that the AoO
  9. I haven't nearly watched all his videos. In fact only a couple of the last battles. So what kind of nastiness he got up to in the beginning I have no idea *ahem* if you post your YT channel it would probably make it easier to find your videos
  10. Dang, was it so difficult to differentiate the rant from the suggestion? The flags are arbitrary measures of success used by the game. They ought to reflect that success. So instead of fixing the issue, the player has to do some strange things, like although the CS were still trying to get to the first set of flags, I should be sending brigades all the way back to Pittsburgh Landing just in case the "phantom rebel cavalry force" should appear. In this case, after holding left and right flanks, the Hornet's Nest section opened. Because one Reb infantry brigade had broken thro
  11. Thanks for the elaborate replay LAVA. One of the biggest issues I was having, was trying to play catch-up. I started playing a campaign I had started months before, and didn't have a well built army. I had some pretty bad battles and just couldn't get up to strength really. Looking at the YT channels you suggested, it seems that Benjamin Magnus Games has the best grasp of the game. The History Guy obviously doesn't understand some of the concepts, although he isn't bad, but I'll not be looking at his play for advice. The one major thing about BMG, especially in the late war battles,
  12. [rant] Sometimes this game just makes me want to throw my computer against the wall!!!! I started a new campaign and I'm in Shiloh. I've held the onslaught of Rebs back so well that they haven't captured a single target by the time Pittsburgh Landing opens. And then a lone CS cavalry captures the Pittsburgh Landing flag and the battle is over!!!! WTF!!!! [/rant] Observation: If I have to attack and have a certain amount of time to take several flags and don't manage to do that, game over, too bad for me. If the AI doesn't manage, ah, well that doesn't matter, because... no reason, u
  13. If I could prevent the catastrophic losses I'm constantly suffering I'd probably do better at building up my army These RTS games are really not my thing. While I'm concentrating on one area, so I know when to charge my melee troops in, or prevent brigades from being slaughtered, elsewhere everything is going to hell. The other thing the bugs the heck out of me, is that, especially on very large maps with lots and lots of woods, the enemy is constantly sending single brigades of infantry on suicide mission to capture some mission objective far behind my lines just before time runs ou
  14. What do you mean by a "tier"? What does "harvest 'extra' XP" mean? The only thing I can figure is, if a Brigade lead by a Bde.Gen. has **75/100 (Experience bar tool-tip), you could replace him with a leader with less experience, while still maintain the two stars, and thus the training perks. Then take this highly experienced leader and give him to a unit with less experience to push it to gain an extra star. You might be able to get a few units an extra star, and thus an extra training bonus, but ultimately you're just shifting experience around. Where does the "extra" exp
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