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  1. The number of watertight compartments. bulkheads and decks needs to be a variable rather than a constant depending on ship size and number of bulkheads stat. Damage control for small ships needs reducing in capability (all ships really, till very late techs anyway). The whole torpedo boat mess has shed more light on what has been a massive problem in the damage system in the game. Torpedos boats currently take damage better than ships ten times their size and a 200t boat should not take more than a handful of 4inch hits to take out. at most a ship of this size should have is four or five
  2. True, if i stayed at 5%, (though 30 is still almost 50% less hits than expected) but i spent most of the fight between 15% and 25%
  3. Simple, guns say a 5% hit per barrel at the lowest (most of the fight it was actually 15 - 25%), i fire roughly 1100 shells and only get 30 or so recorded hits, whats going on ? These are 18 inch guns firing at targets moving in a straight line mostly.
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