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  1. No that's not the issue.... Its not heat it was 30 degrees in my computer room the other night and it ran smooth for 3 hours non stop playing sometimes playing with 5 ships on each side all blasting away at each other... then I came off had a coffee reloaded it after 20 minutes break and the fps dropped through the floor again... I was thinking it could be possibly different skys or seas that are doing it overwhelming my card/system etc??? It runs very smoothly even with my ancient system on 1024x768 resolution in 'beauitful' detail...until it will drop fps through the floor for no reason
  2. Hi I do have a old computer-radeon 7700HD , 12 gig ram,Amd fx 4350 quad core processor so was hesitant to purchase it and was very pleased when I could run it smoothly on a lower resolution in 'Beautiful'.. recently though ive noticed for no apparent reason that the fps will suddenly drop through the floor.... I will wait 30 mins or an hour load it back up and it will be smooth again... Anyone else experienced this? thanks
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