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  1. I play custom battles mostly, the bug happens a right after clicking the "lunch battle icon. Game loads normaly the messages in bottom right corner fly through, then game freezes on "prewiew" message. I tried to run naval academy missions with diffrent ships and stuff, still same bug. I left game for some time couple of times(5-10 min) when i look at task menager it says that the game is not responding.
  2. Did all this, even looked if any of my drivers arent up to date. They all are fine. Still same problem. Something happend between alpha 7 and 12? Man i love this game, so much space for creative thinking and now i cant play it :c
  3. So i was playing UAD sins alpha 7, game worked fine but recently my game stops working after ship design. App stops responding on "prewiew" message during loading screen. Anyone know the solution?
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