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  1. I restarted my computer and that allowed me to delete the temporary files from Local. Went through the command prompt and deleted the folder from regedit. Deleted from AppData/LocalLow/GameLabs. Installed the launcher and this time unchecked the box to have it launch automatically, for good luck. Double clicked on the desktop shortcut and got back to the login screen, so that's progress! Successfully remembered my login info and got to the screen with the ships on it. This time I did not check the box to have it put a shortcut on my start menu, but I got a not
  2. I successfully downloaded the game and played it a bit yesterday, but I had the error "Another instance of launcher client already exists" pop up a few times, probably because I had left a box checked to let it put a shortcut on my desktop as well as my start bar. I think I managed to play because I still had the window open that I'd used to enter my key and stuff before downloading the game? But now today I can't manage to get anything to open. I've tried deleting every instance I could find of a launcher and I still get the same error. Tried uninstalling and deleting the temporary files lik
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