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  1. XCOM2 Is legendary for the way it can make randomness (particularly the change to hit %) FEEL unfair. There are plenty of explanations for how this feels unfair for the player psychologically while being actually mathematically fair.

    Still there are times when you play XCOM2 and you can tell that RNGesus, the AI, the game engine, or the universe as a whole has decided that you will lose this fight.

    It goes beyond each individual chance, each individual time an enemy lands an impossible shot, or each individual point blank shotgun blast that fails to connect. It's that sinking feeling you get when EVERY 98% shot misses, EVERY grenade gets a minimum damage roll.

    Then it gets even more heartbreaking when you manage to grit your teeth and stubbornly refuse to fail. You go back to rock bottom fundamentals, you triple the firepower you should need on each enemy, you take every possible step to remove the RNG (throw 3 grenades knowing you'll get minimum damage rolls on all 3). Using every possible tool in your toolkit to play a perfect engagement.

    But, you will lose this fight.

    You knew it 45 minutes ago when the BS started flying thick and fast, and it really isn't a surprise when something totally impossible happens and some tutorial level grunt manages to headshot your entire squad with a boot he found nearby.


    This game has the XCOM problem. Just like in XCOM there are going to be plenty of statistical models that show that out of every so many games someone is going to have the "unfair" game. And just like in XCOM there are going to be times when it just FEELS so clearly nonsense. I've had a battleship empty 100% of its main AND secondary magazines at a CA @8-10KM and fail to deal significant damage. I've watched enemy formations pin my DD's to the ocean floor from 15km while they're in smoke and maneuvering while at the very same moment my BC fails to sink a single DD from 3km with 50 barrels pointed at it for 10 minutes.

    I know that I am in some way wrong, that it can be proven that I'm wrong, but I also know there are times where I run a battle in XCOM2 or in UA:D and after 5 minutes I know damn well I need to exit and load the mission again, because the game has decided that you will lose this fight.

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