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  1. I recently posted a tribunal in which a player tagged my fleet but made no attempt to actually engage me, and did not fire a single shot during the battle. Admins said that this was covered under the new rules and changes to in-battle tagging with the % damage system, so I'm looking for some clarification here. Are we allowed to tag enemy players with no intent to actually fight or chase them in battle? Are we allowed to do this indefinitely to lock them in for 8 minutes several times until we get backup? I thought that this would constitute griefing, but if this is allowed with the new
  2. Background: Bellona tagged my trade fleet (Redoubtable +3 Indiamen) in between Navasse and Jeremie. Went through the battle, I got out, he tagged again. Went through the battle, this time he sank 1 of my Indiamen. I got out again and had a friend in a Constitution outside. We tagged him and fought him. Halfway through a Requin joined. We fought, decided we couldn't kill the Bellona, I got out. The constitution stayed in with the Bellona because he was tagged and I wasn't. Based on the penetration problems I was having with long guns, the damage he was dealing to me, and his reload sp
  3. The screenshots say it all. Hamad is a middle-eastern player. He's also a kid. It is gross that a player thinks they can just spew racist comments towards a literal child and have no consequences. He seems to think he will "just not be able to talk in global for two days." I hope that isn't true, and that racism is treated with 0 tolerance in this game. Vodka Deluxe is likely an alt of a Swedish player, most likely Kamrat Halo.
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