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  1. My most recent attempt at the USS St. Louis: Hull: Armored Cruiser IV Displacement: 2,000t Max, 10,555t as built Armament: 2x6in Turrets fore and aft 14x5in Casemate guns amidships 4x3in Casemate guns in the fore and aft casemate locations 5x3in Secondary guns around the front tower, basically the only place I could put them without messing too much with existing firing arcs. Although far short in historical armament, I think this build gets the flavor right and comes in at around the historical displacement.
  2. I bought UAD over the weekend after watching some youtube videos. It's been a blast. I have been trying my hand at making historical ships - Recently the late 1890's to early 1910's US Protected Cruisers. One issue I've seen is historically many of these had 6in casemate guns. For example the USS St. Louis and the USS Maine (of Spanish-American War fame) both had 6in casemate guns in their armament. However, in UAD these hulls are limited to 5in casemate guns. EDIT: Here are some stats for one of the protected cruisers - The USS St. Louis. If any of you have played World
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