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  1. Edit: I was wrong - It's an issue when adding casemates to this build. I'm using the standard hull + the smallest front and rear masts + I chose the "firepower" upgrade for the dreadnoughts tutorial. When I add 4" casemates first, to the front mast section, and then 3" casemates to front, middle and rear section, I somehow end up with a port weight offset of 0.1%, even though I'm adding the same guns to both sides. I just experimented a little and added only 3" casemates to the structure with no issues. The problem seems to appear when you add two forward facing 4" casemates to the structure and then the rest are 3" casemates. There are two ways to correct the error. First, remove all the casemate guns, and second delete the fitting and start over.
  2. Hello. I bought this game a few months ago when it first came out, but I waited to play until it matured a bit. While waiting, I learned from a real pro - Stealth17 Gaming. Watch some of his videos and you'll certainly learn enough to get started. From there you can experiment and ask questions in the forum. Best of luck! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2mwsE-87Hfh9ZmSrqBqNIg
  3. I've played about 6 hours or so over a couple days and I just can't seem to find anywhere I can click or any box that would tell me my target ships speed. I do see an indication of maximum possible speed in the targeting info on the right hand side, though ships turn, then they get hit and have one or more of the engine icons above them. So far it seems the only way I can roughly gauge their speed is by looking at the range circles vs my ship, once I've selected one of the enemy ships. If the rings are getting closer, then they are closing on me and if their course is somewhat straight and mine is too, then they must be going faster than I am. Thankfully, I can see my own ship's speed. I know that estimating speed was an important part of the gun aiming equation, so there must be some way to tell how fast an enemy ship is traveling. I just haven't found it yet. If you know, please tell me. Thanks!
  4. Fantastic! It sounds so simple. I guess the whole bit about setting waypoints threw me off. Thanks again. I'll go try it and see how it works.
  5. I bought the game a while back, but I've been waiting to play until it matures a bit. Yesterday I decided to give it a try after watching quite a few of Stealth17 Gaming's videos, and I noticed that during his videos he is able to use his mouse to direct the course of a line of ships. So far, I have only been able to change a ship's course with the rudder slider. I have read about the waypoints, but I don't need those. I just need to alter a ships course, or that of a line of ships like he does (somewhat effortlessly). I read a bit in the Help section and found the keyboard shortcuts, but I still don't see anything that would allow me to simply move my mouse and gently change a ship's course. If any of you have watched his videos you'll know what I'm talking about. How do you do that? Torpedoes are coming in and you want the ship to make a hard turn to starboard to possibly avoid them or at least some of them. Hmmm. In the screenshot, he was able to very quickly change the direction of an entire line of ships. It wouldn't make sense for him to use waypoints, since he's simply trying to change their direction of travel and doesn't have a specific destination in mind.
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