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  1. The krupp 4 multiplier would only bring up the effective armor to 16", which is still not enough to resist any 16" shell from light to super-heavy though.
  2. Hello everyone, Just wondering what all of you think about the penetration values of guns in the game. In my opinion, the penetration of the guns seem extremely high compared to how they would perform historically. For example, when designing a pseudo-Iowa class, with 16" inch guns, super heavy shells, and white powder propellant, its penetration at 22,500m and 25,000m are 28.3" and 32.6" respectively. This seems insanely high, as the USS Iowa was designed with an immunity zone from between 22,500-25,000 yards, and if you were to recreate USS Iowa in-game, her 7.5" deck armor would be wo
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