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  1. So there are a couple of issues with Autotargeting I have noticed 1. The manual override does not seem to work, or the computer switches back. When I click on a target, it means I want my ship to fire on that target, not switch, no matter how close other targets may be. If I mess up a scenario by miss allocating targets, that's on me. But If I put my guns on target X it means I want my ship to shoot target X, period. I don't want them shifting to target y. I want to turn off auto targeting completely. Right now it feels like the only real control I have over combat in the game is building
  2. That's not my point, my point is the auto target fires at the CL when there is a BB also in range. So my BB fires at the CL with its mains instead of prioritizing the enemy BB. Blocked line of fire is not an issue. The issue that BB v BB should be an absolute auto target priority for main guns. Historically this is because BBs were more important targets in general, and because Main battery size guns were slow to reload against fast ships like CLs and DDs. Those ships are why you have rapid fire secondary batteries. That being said, if I manually target my main guns to the enemy BB ,
  3. Its there a method of accessing the hit reports after the game. In the sink a semis dreadnought scenario the to hit math seems off. In other scenarios my ships seem to hit consistently in accordance with the expected percentages (low) but it seems in this scenario, no matter how I build the ships out, or what ships I build. The enemy BB seems to hit much more often, even given technology differences. Also the ability to override the auto target selection seems not to work. Auto targeting itself is messed up because there is historically no way a BB fires its main gus at a CL when another
  4. cant find my email with the download link either. I got the email with the key but not the link
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