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    Ship Upgrades

    So a crafted Ship have guaranteed 3 Slots (Grey-green-blue). Can a purple and gold crafted ship cn have 4 or 5 slots as well? the AI ships have always a random 1 - 5 slots when you capture it and can be grey to Gold. The books you use it (learn) and you have the knowledge forever for that char... some book knowledge can only used on some ships depending of the Rate of the ship... correctly? Thanks ... are there certain Books and items i should try to find (or buy if i can and they are affordable on the market) because they are the best things to have like Gunnery Encyclopedia or Naval clock (which i have). I know you cant say this item is the best for this type of ship but is there a guidline what things i should look for like general builds that perform well on Battleships or traderships. couldn´t find any guidelines or forum entries. I only sail with two to three friends and we have this small clan. Maybe it is better to go to a bigger clan to get acess to a port where our shipbuilder have the port bonus as well. with 3 to 4 people we will never can conquer a port.
  2. Hello, i sail with a Trincomalle. I look into ship info and see 3 Slots open for Ship Upgrades. and two slots are not useable. Can someone explain me if it is possibel to unlock the two other slots ? on the Book side you can unlock trough making XP with the Vessel. How do you unlock the last two ship upgrade slots. And a General question ... is there a list of all Upgrades available and what are the best upgrades to use..on each ship and also on the book side. Is there a list of all books and which books are a must for your slots in your opinion. and at last when you level the book side you get some generic books to choose and can switch out as you like. can you also switch books out of your inventory and when you want another one. Can you take it out again or is it destroyed like the ship upgrades if you want to move it back to inventory.
  3. Last 2 Times i played i had no issue with blue screen. Can´t tell why ...i only disabled Anti aliasing. I have a bigtower with 3 Air ventilators so can´t tell if it is the heat or not. Will see if my luck will be with me also in the future.
  4. I will look into it..and will tell you if i have sucess
  5. Blue Screen Whea uncorrectable error I crash often ingame with whea uncorrectable error....can play in open world also in battle but the last two times i crashed after finishing a battle and i wanted to loot a ship...then blue screen. it is only in this game other games run smoth... Windows 10 is updatet; chdsk hasn´t found anything, i have no driver issues, in bios i have no overcloaking on .. i testet my ram with windows ...no error at that front. tried everything. what can i do else ...
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