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  1. So he left KRAKE to not fight Russians because they are his friends? You are so lame man, how much was it again you wanted to pay Ram to stay in KRAKE? 200 million reals?
  2. KRAKE is a toxic bunch , no matter if they win or lose. Lets see what happens when BF joins the fight
  3. Another thread derailed into Sweden vs Denmark, hello kittyin hell.
  4. I'm very much in for an extra server just for the Swedes and Danes so they are stuck in an endless loop of empty port battles. And while we are at it, give them their own forum only they have access to.
  5. Can you guys (both SWE and DK) keep your personal affairs out of a thread for once??? It's really not fun anymore to check the forums because it feels like every thread gets derailed into Sweden vs Denmark-Norway rvr situation.
  6. While Italians tend to switch sides a lot.
  7. Switching ship in battle is an exploit how exactly?
  8. Did you just assume the nation I play in???
  9. Prussia doing what they do best: Bully smaller nations and bloat about it on the forums.
  10. TDK

    Neutral game ports

    @Thonys Neutral ports get a random PB timer that changes with every maintenance.
  11. There's even a hint in the article, but people don't read past the first sentence
  12. Did you actually read the gazette?
  13. Prussians getting mad over nations trying to fight back on war server, oh my gooooooooooood Please go to PVE Server, KRAKE.
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