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  1. I understand and agree with the developers. I 'm not saying that ship loss should be removed from the game. Only when the loss is due to experimental features that people are not expecting, or don't understand fully. We all know that if we sink we loose everything, the anger comes when the rules of the engagement are unknown, or very different from expectations. Then players cannot assess risk because they don't have complete information and loose everything. My suggestion is that players should only loose everything when features become permanent, not when features are just introd
  2. Hi all, this is a new player here that has fallen in love with the game. I'm completely stricken by the level of anger and defensiveness between players and developers and I think most would agree that it demoralizes everyone. I have been thinking a lot about the defensiveness and snappiness of developers and my impression is that it largely stems from how even their smallest effort to make the game better is often faced with anger. And I understand that, you pour your time, effort, love, and energy into something and people don't seem to appreciate your efforts.
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