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  1. I can understand all of your points, and I do thank you for your input. But I am also looking for ideas that would be included in this type of change. So if you can give ideas for any effect that would be good. Then everyone can get a better understanding before putting in a vote. This way we can fully analyze the effects.

    Thank you all for the vote / opinion, that will help determine if this would be a good change.

  2. Hello everyone,

    I wanted to ask what peoples' opinions are for a change to how cargo effects ships. Depending on the type of cargo and how much of it you have, it should effect ships in different ways.

              Example 1:

    If you are carrying a large amount of saltpeter, then your ships should explode more violently. Saltpeter is used in the production of gunpowder, it's chemical name is Potassium Nitrate. This compound is very volatile.

              Example 2:

    If you are carrying fir logs or other types of woods you should have a higher chance to catch fire, or higher chance for the fire to spread to another part since there is more wood to burn. This would be caused by a larger amount of burning wood would create more heat, which would allow the fire to spread farther faster.

              Example 3:

    Carrying a large amount of cargo should weigh your ship down and decrease the heel of the ship. So cargo ships would tilt less when in storms or going over weaves.

              Example 4:

    Rum or other alcohols should burn much faster, and be harder to put out since the alcohol would float on water. Although since the alcohol burns faster it would not last as long as a equal amount of wood burning. Alcohol would mostly catch cloth on fire since it takes more heat to set the wood ablaze.

    Let me know what you all think, and please fill out the poll if you get the chance. Thank you.

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