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  1. Why interesting? they are purly cosmetic. Wood, upgrades, ships on the other hand have a significant influence on the game. But thats just my take on it, so why do you think it is nteresting.
  2. No you don’t. You have to get what you pay for. But in all fairness when I read the sales, it sounds that it will be all. Personnaly I think a few should only be possible to get ingame.
  3. Thx for answer, but hope you keep some out of the dlc. They should be rare and look exclusive.
  4. Will there be some paints that not will be in the Dlc, some rare only optaneble from doing stuff ingame?
  5. Maybe the otherway around to, so ppl could a one time only reddemable from war server to peace server. Saves them the time of leveling up and get books, ship knowledge and so on.
  6. No we do not. They have all there right to say how they see the game. You should also say how you see it, and not try to paint a pretty picture. My personally opinion is if they continue on the road they have taken now, the games potential will not be fulfilled, there will simply be to few players left. But they belive it is the right way. So we test and see if it fits us. My game time have gone from abouth 15-20 hours a week in this game to abouth 5, hours, few weeks with more hours, but thats only when I test a new mechanic.
  7. Well think with the new change to exame all will be M&C. Btw don’t think they yeth have said ship knowledge is lost. But you are proberbly right.
  8. Inded it has potential. Sure we in the end up where it will be fulfilled. If not, Well I have had 3000 fun hours. Hope it will be 3000 more.
  9. Maybe, but maybe not as much as ppl thing. Personally I for a MMo would tjeck the steam chart first, to see if there actually are player playing the game.
  10. In the end, I would Care less abouth steam rewievs. What matters is what ppl get WHEN, they bought the game, they like it, they stay and tell there friends abouth the game. They don’t like it, they stop and tell friends not to buy. So make a good game. Pop goes up, make a bad game and pops go Down, and the game end dead.
  11. @admin will this fire thing be a skill like demasting and leaking? Know where the magasin is and you can burn all ships down, regardless of the damage the ship Els have taken.
  12. So to get you right, build more boring grind in to the game, so ppl stay. Maybe then also increase the ep needed to level by x 10. Think you are right, better lots of grind and less fun. You my friend is inded a wise man😀
  13. Lets not make streamers to be the benchmark for the avarage players. Yes you can always find PvP, just think most ppl also would like a chance to get home. Just overtake a rare wood port, Think we both know it is not that simple. Yes ppl can fight in what they have ore they can chose not to. Devs said they want war to the server. That the 2 hour man not longer is s goal. So now we get a war server. But ppl do for sure not need to stop being picky. They do not need to go PvP, risk ships. That there Choise.
  14. Personally I think woods will be the biggest issue for players. Yes you need either CM ore VM, if you want to get ships with permit. Cm should be ok to get, if you go to the PZ.
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