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  1. Well the danes made there own. But do think it should be build in to the game, so it auto Update BR and portbattle,
  2. You neither answer the guestion, but also list of things that could be done to increase the profit. My guestion how much effort should it reguire to pay for an port? If the answer is zero effort, why then just not drop the cost of ports to zero. If the answer is that it should be a nation effort to pay for the timer of just one port, Well then the income allready is to High.
  3. So to get you right. A port should make so much money that the owning clan can keep a timer on there port, without doing any effort? You mention a lot of things that could help paying for a port. But I have a hard time finding the answer to how big an effort a clan should do to pay for timers. But it should be effortless, was it not then easier to make timers and ports free and at the same time drop taxes.
  4. It raises a question tho. How much effort should be done to pay for the upkeep of a port. Should port easily make so much income, that it basicly only pays for it self? I know what a pain it can be to pay for ports. But what do ppl think is a fair effort you have to do to pay for ports?
  5. Thats why I asked. By getting xp from exame I skip 7-6 rate ships and go straight to 5 rate.
  6. Does this mean we wont get xp for toturial and exame, ore is there no decision on that yeth?
  7. Not much you are right abouth that. Stopped short after the Russia Swede war. We was tired of paying for ports. Got at bit back when you attacked us as dutch. We did maybe not many Pb, but we where out screening against the dutch every time. But there was not many of the RvR players left because of timer and cost.but still there was ppl trying to rebuild a RvR team. Actually slowly got a group of 15 players, witch resultered in a couple of Pb’s. Then patch 27 came, and those players said no more. It has nothing to do with wipe ore release.
  8. Not so sure abouth that. I have taken my turn in RvR in Dk-No. Non of all those I played with, and neither my self stopped doing RcR because ogmf the release ore a wipe. Patch 27 showed us where RvR was heading. We just dont agree with it so we don’t do RvR. But it is not a game problen a nation is dead. The rest Nations still care to take ports, so all is fine. Do though miss acces to provision. But I can ofc do some afk fishing.
  9. Well it was an answer, but to witch question? Not mine. You are stating your opinion. But you are right as NA is build now, you as a single player are depending on the will of the Big clans. Guess I belive that both can play on a even playfield and both can benefit from it. You aperantly belive the game only can be good with all to the big and Mighty. The different betwen you and me is. As long you can feel as the strongest, you actually dont care if there is any battle in the game. You are happy enough sailing ressources. Me on the otherhand see logistic as a mean to an end. Good balanced fights.
  10. It is not. Plz show me where in the game discription it says only for teamplayers. But you are right that devs have chosen to make life easier to big clans and Big nation.
  11. Think the problem is not to get a port in DA-N0. If admins Numbers are right there is an avarage of 120 Danish players online each day. Just think ppl have said no to the current game play offered by admin. I actaully a bit back offered to get some ppl online to flip Spanish town. All I asked for was a time and date. It was before the Swede took it. If admins Numbers are right, even the polish, the smallest nation have an average of 43. Problem is not Numbers to flip a port, but that ppl dont care.
  12. Doubt he will. Lets us insted show some of the thing we show to all new players in global chat in game. A friendly answer and tell him where he should ask all his question. We may all be bitches, but newer have I seen a guy not give a friendly, honnest and real advice to a new guy.
  13. Depends on how many accounts you have. I have 3 accounts. Herc 3505 Lrq 4338 Pabdora 4152 Hermione 5000(Guess, dont have it) Rat. 20000(Guess, dont have it, but AGA 21 k) So my guess if you have all dlc little less then 40 k a day. Maybe I should get it on all. Would give me 7*40.000*3=840.000 risk free Reals a week. ofc minus taxes, but they would ofc to support the clan, that owns the port I sell in.
  14. Sure abouth that Graffi. Not long ago I a Saw an surgestion from your own boss asking for tools to punish players/clans in own nation, he disagreed with. Would lock ppl out from port bonus, not be such a tool?
  15. It is NA logic, so you are right. It dosent make sence.
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