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  1. Deleted my Character on the 25th cause when i spawned in i had a cutter and i was at the first level. It was a completely clean account apart from the stone and tobacco in the redeemable so presumed a wipe, so i was informed to deleted the character make a new one then redeemed what i had. I have never deleted any characters that have had a high level unless someone has talked me through it as i have no idea how the xp redeeming works. If it's too difficult to work out what happened please do not worry about it, i just made a post in hopes that it might be a simple process. I would like to say i probably made a mistake somewhere along the lines when i came to redeeming, but anyways thanks so much for the help, did the final exam and got a fair few levels so im not too bothered about it now. Once again thanks for your time and hope you have a nice day.
  2. Yes i redeemed exp in early 2018 once and in 2017 probably 3 times. Also when i came back to the game recently my clan leader informed me to delete my account before redeeming anything and make a new one then redeem my xp on my new account. I didn't think this would cause a problem as thats how iv done it all the other times with the wipes. But if there has been a recent wipe that wiped everything like slim says that probably explains it (just the 216 stone and tobbaco threw me) also some of my clan mates said there they had never been wiped to scratch.
  3. Hey bought the game on steam as soon as it went EA. And been playing it on and off for the past 2 or 3 years now. Competently used to the wipes and the reclaim system been working fine for me. But when i logged in this time after about maybe 6 or more months of not playing i was wiped with no redeemable apart from i was given 216 stone and 25 tobacco. Was just wondering if i have any chance of getting my exp back at all or any of my ships. My names through the Years Have been Gaz, Gazz, Gazzz, And currently Gazz
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