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  1. Just an update: It seems like they have fixed it and now fellow Aussies can buy Game-Labs games.. yay!! I'm glad I checked, I almost bought something else. 0.o Thanks to who-ever sorted it for us. and thanks for putting up with me.
  2. That's a bugger. I was hoping to get some of these games over the sale.. disappointing.. oh well. . Thanks for the reply.
  3. Hi. Steam had an update the other day, to show all games in Australian $ here in Australia (Used to be US, it was fine, don't know why they changed it). but since the update we are unable to buy any Game-Labs game through Steam at all. Asked the Steam people and they say its up to the publishers to update it for Australia. Not sure where to ask, thought I would here (since I wanted to buy Civil War this weekend after I got paid) hopw this is ok. Any chance anyone here could look into this for us all please. thanks
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