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  1. Buenas a todos, después de muchos meses sin PC me gustaría saber cómo anda la cosa por aquí, quién queda en la facción ? Merece la pena?
  2. I think that the Rulers of the clans make alliances and the power of negotiation is on the clans not in the predefinition of the game. It is a mistake to force by game mechanics to play with "natural" enemies or aganist "friends or mates". Talking about the nations... honestly in the caribbean on the 18th Century were a few powerful nations. Now in game there are nations that in that time are not, and to keep adding "fake nations" in order to catch new players "new customers" is a lie an a dishonour to the history.
  3. Hello all, it is hard to believe that we will lose all our progress, yes we know that the game was an early acces that's true, even that it hurts. From my point of view, the general wipe that will make us begin again all our wealth, ships, ports etc, it will be more comfortable if we keep the rank as a redeemable like other times. Because we spent a lot hours to gain levels/ranks. I would like to know your opinion Captains and mates. Greetings, GRM
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