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  1. 1. When joining pvp server, missclick happens and there is no way chance server except restart the game. Put one "Change Server" or "Back" button. 2. You killed trading fun long ago, increase goods value 2x decrase, pve gold earns 2x so trading goods makes sense. 3. Changes on chain damage are not very good. Not realistic because chain shots should get base damage whereever you shot. Its 2 cannon connected with chain and think about what if it drops your head from 1000 meter. ITs just physics. I shouldnt hit 1% percent sails with 40 sail dmg from 500m or 750m. 4. You can make more realistic physics about sides armor too. It should be part by part at least ten. When we crash one part of it , we should dmg hull behind that part and when hull is gone, it should be aviable to shoot other side and ship can be split from somewhere if gets so many hit at same part. Ships aren't crashing and its not satisfying. At least when santi hit 50 or more guns to 7-6th rate ship. Its already one shot. You can add crashing effects to ships if it gets a lot of dmg without hull HP. 5. Reduce reinforcement area as 20%~30%. Ref. area is already gives so many advantage to enemy. There is so much disappointing with ref area. Give some smile to invaders. 6. This game has no much explanations, I was playing more than 1 year ago and I couldnt find out even change ship, I played with basic cutter for 2 week. Most of things should get from experience I mean. Dont make easier things for uncapable players in this game. Your game is so good, just need to be increase about UI, ship mechanics, trading. If player sailing alone, he should take risk of sank. Players should be more in contact. 7. We shouldnt be able to make alliance between clans or nations. It should be random. We are just lords or captains in game. Put some events weekly about diplomatic relations. For example; Espana allied with Danmark / Prussia allied with Russia / Sveriqe allied with France , by this way of alliance, every nation will met each other, noone will get mad, because it will be part of the game. I think its more fair and fun. In that situation Pirates should be special. Pirates should join port battles if some of nation give permission to them. (it means when some of clan get port battle there should be an option "pirate enterance on/off") or if they will capture a port from nation it should be more harder than usual for example they should manipulate port with something too after hostility missions like carrying a lot of war supplies. Pirates should can be splitted between them and They can capture their own ports as clan wars. But it should be pirates against pirates. (HONOR BATTLES- Forts wont shoot anybody / PIRATE DEMOCRACY- Port battles can be start with voting. Pirate ports should be more cheap, no tax. Smuggling with pirate ports makes sense with that option. 8. RESPECT - DISRESPECT: When we kill an enemy player, joining port battle, selling the goods which port consumes we should get respect. (Region capitals should consume resources too, it should be about population. Ports should increase their population when we sell goods to port which port consumes, it means more fort in port battles when defending the port, you may add some volunteer to fight from population AI ships as extra. We should manage towns more as clan. Add some building slots to port and they will generate goods for clan warehouse. IF clan gets all ports in same region, clan should change the capital btw. But it should be expensive. Give a pirze who gathers most respect to first 20 players. It will be like pvp leaderboard. This option will make aviable to more teamplay. More option to play. It seems like PVE but that pve will open more ways to pvp. Respect points should be changed as gold from players who dont want to weekly prize. Or the first player of list gains 20k respect points for example, and second one is 10k. There is no way to second one pass the first one. So first player can change his 5k points or more as gold at the end of weekend. (It can seems like meanless, think like nation paid for what he done.) When you pay money to someone to his job. He wont get your respect right? There is so many option to make game better. those are my ideas if you see a brightness in my mind. We can contact about improve gamestyle 😛
  2. Krautz

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    You should add Painting DLC's like costume(it may colored sails etc.). Dont make difference between paid and free ships. Dont add the mint building or it shouldnt produce marks. Ability to trade in the open world Battle sails now give bonuses ROE rule changes are really good changes. Good for gameplay and strategy. Dont make bigger changes at our values, most of us trading with pvp marks. 1 pvp marks equals 100-150k gold at least for now. When you change something about pvp marks Think carefully bring edinorogs and kiritimatis as craftable or rare drop from epics and AI ships theese are impossible to get if you cant convince another player. Some of players stacked those items from alts or unexperienced players as much and it is ruining balance at pro pvp battles good job, thanks for hope
  3. Chain damage greatly increased but sail repair didn't. When start a battle in wrong position 2 or even one player enough, one chain shot can drop sails to %60.Even If I dont try to sank that or those guys I cant escape from backline. Sail repairs should increase %10 or chain damage reduce %25. Not using chain or not trying to demast enemy should be an option. And there is no option like that. When you are not hit enemy sails or masts, you are loser. Every player trying to demast at first minutes of battle. Except big ship fleet battles.